Jun Ware Vase with Red Glaze and Dragon Ears / Chinese Antiques / Qing Dynasty(1616-1911 CE)

Jun ware's red glaze is made with copper red glaze and applied to the surface of porcelain before firing. Due to the high temperature at which the glaze is fired, copper oxide precipitates on the surface of the glaze, creating a beautiful red color. Jun ware's red glaze is known for its varying shades, glossy finish, and subtle changes in the glaze's surface.

During the Qing Dynasty, Jun ware's red glaze was highly valued by Emperor Qianlong, and many pieces were made for the imperial court. As a result, Jun ware's red glaze is extremely expensive and highly regarded as a work of art.

This piece is in excellent condition and has the shape of a bottle with two dragon-shaped ears. The red glaze exhibits beautiful variations in the kiln change. A wooden stand and box are included.
Qing Dynasty/1616-1911CE

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Ceramics_China | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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