Sencha tea maker, Qing dynasty, red clay teapot, Qing dynasty/1616-1911CE

This is an old red clay teapot with sand grains mixed in. It was ordered by a Japanese Sencha tea master and is a highly valued shape known as a guri-dama. The red clay mixed with sand grains goes well with tea water, and some tea masters only choose teapots of this type. It has been used and has tea stains. Pour hot water over it and rinse it repeatedly until it becomes the tea water you like. If you take good care of the teapot, we believe it will last a lifetime. Comes with a wooden box.
w10.2 x d6.8 x h7 cm (teapot body)
Qing Dynasty/1616-1911CE

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Ceramics_China | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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