Ko-Seto Jag with ash glazed floral design Kamakura/1185-1333CE


A liquid container with a flat-bottomed long neck and an upward spout on the shoulder, and a wide handle extending from the base of the neck to the shoulder is called an aquat or a water bottle. It was an everyday drink.

This is a 14th-century water tank in the golden age of Furuseto. It has a low mouth and neck and a nearly spherical body. Part of the torso and handles have been repaired. It has a clear seal and has the presence of a full-fledged old kiln.

Since it has been removed, please enjoy it not only as a collection but also as a flower vase.

w12.7 x d10 x h15.5cm

1 piece in stock.

Antique Japanese Ceramics | 12th-16th Century

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