Ko-Seto Yabure Vase Kamakura/1185-1333CE

This item is a torn pot from Furuseto in the Kamakura period.
During firing, a piece that explodes in the kiln and is severely damaged is called a tear.

Originally, a tear is like an unintentional bug, but I feel that there is a natural principle that cannot be felt in a finished pottery.
Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.
I feel that the unintended dynamism of natural objects is strongly engraved in this product.

This item is covered with iron glaze, and was probably intended to be a Buddha vase with a long neck and twin ears.
However, due to an explosion in the kiln, both ears were blown off, and the long neck was torn vertically, swelled, and stuck to the body.

I believe that the state of that power becomes a vessel and invites wildflowers.

w8 x d11.5 x h7.5cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 12th-16th Century

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