Yayoi pottery Bowl-shaped earthenware Yayoi/300BCE–250CE


In ancient times, earthenware continued to be made in stylized forms, such as jars, jars, and coffins, depending on the intended use. It started from the Yayoi period, when rice farming was introduced and established through paddy cultivation, and lasted for about 1,000 years until the Heian period.

This product is a pot-shaped earthenware with a shape intermediate between a jar and a coffin. Mainly, it is thought that it fulfilled the purpose of both a jar for cooking and a role like a rice bowl for serving food.

It has not been repaired and is in perfect condition, and you can see a lot of tap marks, so the scenery is perfect.

w11 x d11 x h6.5cm

1 piece in stock.

Antique Japanese Ceramics | before the 3rd Century

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