Incense burner of brass plating Muromachi/1336-1573CE

Karajishi, an imaginary spiritual beast, was brought to Japan from China in the Tang Dynasty and has been used in various forms since ancient times as a powerful entity that wards off evil spirits.

This product is a Karajishi incense burner in the style seen in the Muromachi period, in which brass is applied to a high-purity iron base. The details of the spiral pattern are well sculpted.

While it is used, most of the brass is peeled off, and the base iron is exposed. It is an interesting matière that has developed and fused with oxidized patina and white rust over a long period of time. I feel that the soft expression that exhales softly is very adorable.
Please enjoy the scent of incense smoke flowing from the head of the lion.

w10 x d13 x h15cm
Antique Other Metal Products | 12th-16th Century

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