Nagasatsu Hayashi Exhibition Solo Tea, Two and Three

July 14th (Sun) – 20th (Sat), 2019

Opening hours:

14th to 16th 12:00 – 18:00

closing day:


*On the 18th, 19th, and 20th, there will be tea ceremonies and other events throughout the day. (Advance reservations required)

Dates when the artist is in the gallery:

14th 15th 16th 18th

A cup of tea alone heals you,
Two teas are intimately shared,
The tea of ​​the three people understands each other's hearts.

This is the first exhibition in Japan of Hayashi Yongsheng, one of Taiwan's leading tea ware artists. What Mr. Hayashi pursues through his works is not fashion, but the beauty of tea. For example, even with a small cup, you can clearly see the difference when you use it. When you pour it in, the aroma rises strongly from the bottom of the cup, the color of the tea stands out, the temperature reaches your skin when you pick it up, and when you put it in your mouth, the tea flows down smoothly. You can feel the serious attitude.

In addition, tea utensils that invite you to the depth of tea, such as a mysterious tea pot that adjusts the gestures of the user and a tea sea that does not lose the taste of tea, have gained great support not only from Taiwan but also from highly demanded Chinese tea masters. increase.
This time, we will present the world of private tea ceremonies for one to three people, which we usually enjoy, in a variety of ways. I would like to tell you.

We have carefully selected tea leaves from Mr. Hayashi's favorite tea in Taiwan and Iroka's "Chafu chafu". We are preparing to purchase your favorite tea leaves. Rina Kato from Starry Night and Sayoko Sugiyama from Okashimaru prepare the sweets daily.

This time, due to space limitations, we are unable to display many tea utensils. Instead, we aimed to create an exhibition that conveys the splendor of tea utensils and the real tea culture that can be enjoyed in private through tea. There will be tea ceremonies, workshops, and other events every day during the exhibition period. See below for the schedule of events for each day of the week.

Please come and visit us alone, with your precious friends and partners.

Nagakatsu Hayashi
Born in 1974 in Nantou, a tea town in Taiwan.
In 1997, he established a pottery studio <Senshu Tobo>.

I love tea and after studying the tea ceremony for 7 years, I have devoted myself to making tea utensils.
Attracted by the tranquility and introversion of white glaze, his recent works are mainly based on the white glaze series.

Greetings from Mr. Hayashi

One is said to be God, two are said to be Holy, and three and four are said to be Jia.
<One is divine, two are sacred, and three or four are good. >
Having a cup of tea alone calms you down and allows you to enjoy your own world. There is an unfettered freedom.
Two is the number that I consider the most sacred. Drinking tea with loved ones creates deep connections and brings peace to your heart.
If a third friend sits there with you, you can have a conversation and enjoy the tea even more.
At this exhibition, I am looking forward to interacting with everyone in Japan through tea.


Contact information Iruka (Rokanil) | Contact Form

*For inquiries about this exhibition, please contact us here .


In order to ensure that all customers can enjoy tea, we kindly ask that you refrain from wearing perfumes or strongly scented fabric softeners when visiting the exhibition.
There is no air conditioner in the venue, so please come cool.

No special etiquette is required for any of the tea ceremonies, so you can feel free to participate.


Coordinator Kaori Sasayama


Venue provided/Advisor Konichii Harumi Yokoyama


private tea ceremony

Dates: 7/14 – 7/16
Reception hours: 12:00-16:00
1000 yen (dried sweets + tea)

From the 14th to the 16th, Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Iroka/Yokota will guide you to a private tea ceremony for up to three people every day, and brew only one cup.
(One seat can be used for 30 minutes.)

Experience tea ceremony

Dates: 7/14 – 7/16
Reception hours: 12:00-16:00
2,000 yen ~ (tea leaves for tea music, workshop fee)

From the 14th to the 16th, we are preparing a workshop seat by chafu chafu where customers can actually touch Mr. Hayashi's tea ceremony and enjoy a private tea ceremony.


Rin Mizuki and Tea Music Rin Mizuki was born in 1965 in Qinghai. Came to Japan in 1991. A cup of tea touched my heart, and since then I have traveled to China and Taiwan in search of tea. He serves as the person in charge in Japan of Hidden Cloud Chami Research Institute, which has gained a great deal of support mainly on the mainland.

Message from Mr. Mizuki

Using the elegant and high-quality tea utensils of Mr. Hayashi, an up-and-coming Taiwanese potter, you can enjoy a momentary tea time with two or three people with tea carefully selected for this exhibition by Chafu.
The more you brew, the farther away your worldly desires and complaints become.

Starry Night Sweets Seat

Date: 7/14
2300 yen: (sweets + tea)

Please make a reservation below

This is a sweets seat by Rina Kato from Starry Night. Please make a reservation and enjoy.
(30 minutes per seat, with tea)


Rina Kato
2013 Opened an organic vegan restaurant called Starry Night in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
I am in charge of sweets.
Produces various vegan sweets in Japanese, Western, and Chinese.

Overcoming food barriers for various reasons,
We hope that it will be a place where everyone can eat the same food and enjoy delicious food together.
We propose vegan style.

Message from Mr. Kato

I met Mr. Hayashi on my trip to Taiwan last year,
make me some tea,
Mr. Hayashi handed me a small lid bowl.
Since then, I have used it every time I have tea by myself, and now it has become the most attached lid bowl.
Make tea for yourself and spend precious time facing yourself.
I hope that you will come across Mr. Hayashi's work and have such a time.

Okashimaru Okashi seat

Date: 7/15
2300 yen: (sweets + tea)

Please make a reservation below

This is a sweets seat by Ms. Sayoko Sugiyama of Okashimaru. Please make a reservation and enjoy.
(30 minutes per seat, with tea)


Sayoko Sugiyama “Okashimaru”, Japanese confectionery artist
Born in Mie Prefecture in 1983. Focusing on the obvious things that disappear after eating, feeling the potential of wagashi as a way of expression, he studied wagashi at a long-established wagashi shop in Kyoto. Taking the action from viewing to eating as one piece of work, he creates wagashi with memorable moments. For 10 years, he has been active as a Japanese confectionery unit "Nichika", and currently presides over "Okashimaru" while producing, exhibiting and selling Japanese sweets.

TEA TALK Masanobu Ando x Nagakatsu Hayashi x Yoshinori Yokota (Iruka)

Date: 7/18
5,500 yen (limited to 15 seats with 3 types of tea and sweets)

As a guest, Mr. Masanobu Ando, ​​a ceramic artist and owner of Galerie Mogusa, will be invited to discuss the theme of this exhibition, a private tea ceremony.
It would be great if the three of us could each bring a kind of tea leaves, take turns making tea, and talk about various things related to tea.
As a guest tea master, Mr. Martin, who is visiting Japan from the Czech Republic, will act as the tea master during the discussion.


Sponsored by Masanobu Ando, ​​ceramic artist, Galerie Mogusa
Born in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture in 1957. After graduating from an art university, worked as a contemporary sculptor. In 1998, he opened the gallery "Momogusa", and as a ceramic artist, he presents cross-disciplinary works that connect crafts, art, and life, and is a leader in the contemporary ceramic art world. He is a pioneer who has a great influence on the Chinese tea scene both at home and abroad.

Private Tea Ceremony Martin Seat

Date: 7/19
Up to 3 people per seat (with sweets)
1 person 3000 yen / 2 people 4000 yen / 3 people 5000 yen (Please pay on the day)

You can make a reservation from the following. (Please let us know the number of people on the questionnaire screen when applying.)

This is a private tea ceremony for Martin Hanusz, a potter and tea master who came to Japan from the Czech Republic. You can brew a very nice cup of tea. Please make a reservation and enjoy.

Martin Hanusz I'm from the Czech Republic I hope to see your smile

Message from Martin

Tea for one person Tea for two people Tea for three people

tea on a clear sky day tea on a cloudy day today good day today

Private Tea Ceremony Rokanil Seat

Date: July 19th and 20th
Up to 3 people per seat (with sweets)
1 person 3000 yen / 2 people 4000 yen / 3 people 5000 yen (Please pay on the day)

You can make a reservation from the following. (Please let us know the number of people on the questionnaire screen when applying.)

We have prepared a private tea ceremony for Iruka. Please make a reservation and enjoy.


Yoshinori Yokota Presided over Rokanil. Active between tea, antiques and crafts.

From Yokota (Iruka)

Time for one, time for two, time for three,
The tea is still there.
All you need is tea leaves, hot water, and tea utensils.
Tea can start anywhere.
If you put it in your mouth, it's like music,
It's easy to get hold of us.
I hope you can join us on a small tea journey.

Evening Tea Ceremony with Flower Face “Solitary Tea”

Date: 7/19
Tea party fee 6500 yen (with sweets)

You can make a reservation from the following

edalab.Yuya Maeda's "Flower Mask Night Tea Ceremony" uses plant masks, and you can participate in the tea party wearing a flower mask.
The act of wearing a mask erases <I>, and before you know it, it's a stranger, another <I>. I would appreciate it if you could share a beautiful and mysterious experience with everyone through tea.


edalab. is a plant project by Yuya Maeda that started in 2016. Based in Kyoto, he is active mainly in store planting, bridal flower decorations, and events, while also producing artwork such as "Hanamen".

Spring 2018 First exhibition “Hundred Plant Fragments” held at MTRL KYOTO
Summer 2018 Formed a food installation unit [Drinking Botanical Garden] with Tomoiki Sekine


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