Blue Kotoe Yokote teapot Edo/1603-1867CE

Koshi ware produced in southern China between the late Ming and Qing dynasties is characterized by its soft color tone similar to Sancai glaze, using blue, yellow, green, and purple glazes. After coming to Japan in the Edo period, the glaze and design were copied and incorporated into Kyoto ware.

This product is also a Yokote teapot with an impressive blue cross-toe made in the flow.

There are highlights such as the knobs that imitate petals, and the chamfering of the body, hands, and mouth.

There are old scratches and tea stains on the hill, but it is in very good condition and has been used with care.
How about using it as a tea ceremony or daily tea utensil?

w12 x d10 x h11cm (maximum diameter of body is 7cm)
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 16th-19th Century

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