Rocaniiru | Our name comes from the Zen phrase "Hakuba roka ni iru".

“A white horse enters a tail flower field (hakuba roka ni iru). From a distance the two are indistinguishable, yet the white horse remains the white horse, the tail flower, tail flower--an illustration of the Zen paradox of not one, not two.

The moment you step into a wild natural realm where human intention does not interfere, your existence will emerge there.When I was a teenager, I drank tea in the mountains on a full moon night.

It was a beautiful night with the moon moving into the cup, and as I sipped the tea, the complexity of my existence disappeared. From where I sat, I could see the mountains, the sky, and the moon. In the ever-changing time, only now was there. Just as the white horse melted into the thick reeds, I too melted into the moon (nature) that night.

The experience is unforgettable, and I believe that I continue to pursue the sensations that cannot be captured in words.Throw your existence into the real nature in your life. Our philosophy is to live with nature. 

For me, selecting up antiques, decorating wildflowers, and drinking tea with local mount water are synonymous in a sense. Through my relationship with real nature, I want to highlight the existance. And someday I want to return to the soil, the wind, the land, and nature (real).