Kojoseki Chinese Tea School

10/8 (Tue) – 9 (Wed) | 1 night 2 days

8th 14:00~22:00 (doors open from 13:30)
9th 7:30~12:00

Capacity|10 people

Price | 150,000 yen (tax included)

Dinner and breakfast by Masayo Funakoshi (farmoon) / Teru Uchida clavichord concert

Kojoseki Chinese Tea Ceremony Good Day Living (Kyoto)

10/12 (Sat)

Morning Meeting|10:00〜13:00

Afternoon meeting|15:00〜18:00

Capacity | 10 people each time

Price | 15,000 yen each time (with sweets)

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Since 2016, through a tea trip to Taiwan, Iruka has been interacting with Mr. Gao Tsingseki, who is internationally known as a leading expert in making wild tea.

In recent years, open-air tea has been quietly spreading in China and Taiwan, but there are various forms of production even if it is simply called open-air tea. For example, most of the tea gardens have a certain degree of rationality in which the tea plants are arranged in a certain amount of plots so that they can be easily managed. It presents a harsh environment like a rough mountain. It reflects Mr. Ko's philosophy of leaving it to the field, not people, and has remained unchanged for the past 30 years, from the late 1980s when Mr. Ko started making tea to the present day.

In the mountains, various trees and plants other than tea trees build a symbiotic environment. You can finally reach a single tea plant by breaking through those gregarious plants. The small number of tea tree leaves that dot the tea mountains are hand-picked when the season comes, and then turned into tea using a labor-intensive method that originates from ancient tea-making methods that were brought down from the continent.

Once in the tea mountain, Mr. Taka carefully observes the natural ecology and shows the simple face of a tea farmer who lives with tea every day. show me the face of

When you first have tea in Takashi's tea room in the mountains, each time you brew it, the life force of the mountain rises up like a contour, gradually relaxing your mind and body, leading to a deep relaxation. I still remember clearly how I felt.

At the beginning of October, in the depth of autumn, on this precious occasion of his first visit to Japan, with the support of the Cultural Promotion Network, we will set up a place where you can enjoy the world of Mr. Takasadaseki at two venues in Hyogo and Kyoto. rice field.

From October 8th to 9th, we will hold the “Autumn Chinese Tea Party” for two days and one night at “DOKI ROKKO”, which is built on Mt. Rokko.

This event will not only be about tea, but will also include Japanese chefs and musicians who share the same spirituality and everyday life centering on tea, which Mr. Taka cherishes every day. Experience tea even more deeply from Hibiki, It is a tea ceremony.

On October 12th, Mr. Takajoseki will hold a tea ceremony at the tea house "Kohichii" in Okazaki, Kyoto.

At this tea ceremony, we hope that you will come face to face with Mr. Takashi's tea and enjoy the delicate and harmonious tea time that expands with each brewing.

We hope that you will enjoy the momentary tea time in deepening autumn. We are all looking forward to seeing you all.


Takashi's tea becomes a tea that is subtly transformed every moment. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, detergents, lipsticks, etc. with strong scents as much as possible so that you can enjoy it properly.

No special etiquette is required for any of the tea ceremonies, so you can feel free to participate.


Hosted by Yoshinori Yokota


Co-sponsored and interpreter Okuun Kyoto Rin Mizuki


Co-sponsored by Harumi Yokoyama


Co-sponsored and coordinated by Kaori Sasayama


Sponsored by General Incorporated Association Cultural Promotion Network


Kojoseki Chinese Tea School

Date: 10/8-10/9 (two days and one night)
Capacity: 10 people
80,000 yen (lodging fee not included)

Please make a reservation below

Japanese chefs and musicians who share the same spirituality and daily life centering on "tea", which Mr. Taka cherishes every day, will also participate in the event. It is a tea ceremony where you can experience “tea” more deeply.


Kojoseki (Director of "Joseki Nocha")
Harumi Yokoyama ("Good day residence" owner)
Yoshinori Yokota (Director of "Iruka")


Masayo Funakoshi (President of "farmoon")


Teru Uchida (Clavichord player, tuner)


DOKI ROKKO / Cultural Promotion Network 1-29 Nakaichi Satoyama, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 657-0101

Kojoseki Chinese Tea Ceremony Konichikyo (Kyoto)

Date: 10/12
Capacity: 10 people each time
15,000 yen: (sweets + tea)

Please make a reservation below

At this tea ceremony, we hope that you will come face to face with Mr. Takashi's tea and enjoy the delicate and harmonious tea time that expands with each brewing. About 3 hours. A tea ceremony by Mr. Takajoseki, with tea confectionery by the owner of Konichii.


91 Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8344