A pair of burial figures from Hokuqi 3rd-12th centuries

A pair of Kasai Chin Tomb Figures from the Northern Qi Dynasty of China.
The figure consists of a human face and a beast face, both of which are sitting with their front legs outstretched and their hind legs bent, looking gently ahead.
The human face has ears, big eyes, and a gentle mouth that seems to have a slight smile. The beast mask is a gentle lion mask with a large mouth, nose, and small pricked ears, both of which have a gentle appearance. It is in good condition, the human face figure is almost complete, and the beast face figure has been repaired at the feet and the mane is missing, but it is a very rare burial figure of the Northern Qi dynasty. How about an object or a collection?

[“w9 x d16 x h25 cm (human face)”
”w9 x d16 x h23 cm (beast face)”]
Antique Art Objects | 3rd-12th Century

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