17th Century Tibetan Buddhist Art Mandala Thangka (Buddhist Painting), 16th-19th Century

This is a Tibetan Thangka, a traditional Buddhist painting. Thangkas depict the cosmology of the Buddhist world as envisioned in Tibetan Buddhism, symbolizing the state of enlightenment. This particular Thangka is an antique from the 17th century. It portrays a lotus flower at the center, representing the compassionate nature of the Primordial Buddha, Vairocana, and is classified as a Tathagata Mandala. Like a mother nurturing her unborn child, the Buddha cultivates the inherent Buddha nature (Bodhicitta) within us with great compassion, guiding us towards the world of enlightenment, just as a lotus seed sprouts, blossoms, and bears fruit. Despite its age, this painting is well-preserved, with clear brushwork and vibrant colors.
w43 x d51.5 x h2cm

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Art_Chinese art | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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