Incense burner with a three-legged lid Han Dynasty/206BCE-220CE

This product is a "three-legged lid with colored ash pottery" that is thought to have been produced in northern China in the late Western Han dynasty.
Vermilion remains on the ash pottery made from fine clay. The engraving is fine and three-dimensional.
The edge of the lid is frayed and repaired in one place, but it is in extremely good condition and is museum class.

I put a trivet made of old iron on it to make it look like a brazier.
Please note that the trivet is included with this product, but the ash is not included.
It is also a highly recommended item as a flower.

A photo with a bottle etc. is posted at the top. Please refer to

w41 x d20 x h16 cm
Han Dynasty/206BCE-220CE
Antique Chinese Ceramics | before the 3rd Century

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