Jar with bluish white porcelain Song Dynasty/960-1279CE

Northern Song 11th-12th century blue-white porcelain melon-shaped water note.

The melon-shaped body with 12 vertical stripes has a long spout and a flat cord-like handle. A ring is attached to the lid and handle so that it can be used by tying a string. This type of water note is often drawn on sencha hanging scrolls.

A slightly bluish transparent glaze is applied all the way to the bottom of the pot on top of the high-quality clay. This bluish white porcelain, also called blue white porcelain, was actively produced during the Song and Yuan dynasties in the area centered on the Jingdezhen kiln, which was later known for producing blue-and-white porcelain. If it weren't for the fraying around the mouth, it would be museum grade, but it's a water note with plenty of charm. No water leakage.

w12.5 x d11 x h19 cm
Song Dynasty/960-1279CE
Antique Chinese Ceramics | 3rd-12th Century

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