green glazed jar Han Dynasty/206BCE-220CE

A green-glazed pot from the Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD). In the Han Dynasty, authentic celadon appeared for the first time in the history of Chinese ceramics, as well as ash-glazed pottery, colored gray pottery, black pottery, and lead-glazed pottery. The bronze ware culture that prospered from the Yin Zhou period to the Spring and Autumn Warring States period changed completely to the Han dynasty, when the technological innovation of celadon production occurred, and ceramics with various techniques and forms began to be made.

This product has a beast pattern drawn on the shoulder that draws a soft curve. Silvering is seen in the green glaze, presenting a good scenery. It is said that this natural silver takes several hundred years or more.

w16 x d16 x h12 cm
Han Dynasty/206BCE-220CE
Antique Chinese Ceramics | before the 3rd Century

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