Yangshao pottery large pot Majiayao culture/3300-2050BCE


Anderson pottery is the name given to Dr. Anderson, a Swedish man who first discovered this type of pottery.

There are several shapes of Anderson pottery, but this work is one of the representative shapes, and it is a long neck type. Those with necks are relatively rare compared to those without, and those with living necks are even less so. The torso and shoulders protrude like an inverted triangle from a small hill, giving it a primitive and energetic appearance that looks like the power hidden in the earth.

This item is in very good condition with no major repairs. An unusual hand with convex decorations around the neck and ears. It is said that the geometric pattern drawn from the neck to the body has a magical meaning that people's wishes are put into. This work is fully equipped with such charm, and I think that you can deeply appreciate the goodness of ancient earthenware.

w34 x d27 x h35 cm
Majiayao culture/3300-2050BCE

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Antique Chinese Ceramics | before the 3rd Century

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