Celadon porcelain three-legged bowl with peony arabesque design Ming Dynasty/1368-1644CE


This is a celadon porcelain peony arabesque three-legged bowl (stone iris bowl) from the Ryusen kiln of the Ming dynasty.
It is an incense burner that was converted into a stone iris bowl, and since the Muromachi period, it is also called a stone iris bowl because it was planted to decorate study shelves and different shelves.
A peony arabesque pattern is drawn around the three-legged torso. Deep intrusions run through the pot. If it weren't for this, it would be a museum class, and it's very regrettable, but it's a wonderful gem that has been carefully handed down in the tea house. With wooden box.

w32 x d31 x h11.5cm
Ming Dynasty/1368-1644CE

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Antique Chinese Ceramics | 12th-16th Century

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