Longquan Celadon Hakama waist incense burner Yuan Dynasty/1206-1368CE


It is an incense burner that has been modified from the shape of the ancient Chinese bronze mustache, and is known by the name of hakama waist in Japan because the shape of the torso looks like a figure wearing a hakama. It is a typical example of Kinuta celadon that was fired in the Longquan kiln in Zhejiang Province around the 13th century from the end of the Southern Song Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty. Celadon Hakamakoshi incense burner is one of the many items brought to Japan during the Kamakura period. This product has been treated with great care, but it has some fraying and chipping. It is in perfect condition, so how about adding it to your collection?

w14 x d14 x h11 cm
Yuan Dynasty/1206-1368CE

1 piece in stock.

Antique Chinese Ceramics | 12th-16th Century

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