Yuhuchunping with Red Glaze and Floral Design / Chinese Antique / Ming Dynasty

In the technique of "yuriko" or "copper red glaze," many highly skilled potters flourished during the Ming Dynasty's Jingdezhen kiln and the Kangxi and Yongzheng eras of the Qing Dynasty, producing a large number of high-quality works. This glazing technique involves using a glaze containing copper oxide to express varying shades of red. The resulting color is extremely beautiful and highly valued as a decorative technique for pottery and porcelain.

The most commonly used materials for the base of the copper red glaze are blue and white porcelain or white ceramic, which have a good compatibility with the glaze. The present piece is a white ceramic "yuhuchunping" vase decorated with a floral pattern using copper red glaze. The yuhuchunping shape first appeared during the Song Dynasty and gradually transitioned from a sharp shape to a softer form during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties.

This piece is in excellent condition, with attractive and carefree brushwork that is highly valued by connoisseurs. Such ceramic artworks are still highly regarded as works of art and beloved by many people today.

Includes a wooden box.
w12.5 x d12.5 x h28cm
Ming Dynasty/1368-1644CE

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Ceramics_China | Middle Ages|12th-16th century

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