Old Iron Pot, Qing Dynasty (1616-1911 CE)


This is a cast iron pot that was made in Qing Dynasty China. In Japan, it is known as the Li Dynasty iron pot, but it is actually a pot made in China during the late Ming Dynasty to the mid-Qing Dynasty. It was used to simmer tea and make medicinal herbal tea, as well as a hot water container.

The actual practice of using an iron pot to boil tea is described in Lu Yu's "Classic of Tea" from the Tang Dynasty. Lu Yu explains 21 types of tea utensils in the book, including a strainer called "fu" used for boiling tea. The strainer was made of raw iron, which is now commonly referred to as cast iron.

The pot has a rounded body with an integrated handle and a spout protruding from the muzzle. It also comes with a small iron lid. Its simple and functional design is quite charming.

Although I have used the iron pot several times for brewing tea, the iron scent hasn't completely dissipated yet. To remove the rust smell, you can try boiling green tea in it or repeatedly boiling and discarding water. The pot is made of very sturdy iron, with a thickness of about 1cm at the bottom. If you take good care of it, it is likely to become a lifelong treasure.

w23 x d17 x h28 cm
Qing Dynasty/1616-1911CE

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Ceramics_China | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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