White Goryeo Dehua Kiln Covered Bowl, Ming-Qing Dynasty (1368-1911 CE)


德化窑(Déhuà yáo)is a famous ceramic kiln located in Dehua County, Fujian Province, China. It flourished during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and produced a type of white porcelain known as "Bai Gaoli" or "Dehua white porcelain." The surface of the ware is semi-transparent, resembling white jade. Teapots, water pitchers, tea steepers, and various other ceramics were also produced by the kiln.

Dehua white porcelain is known for its pure and transparent white color, as the clay used has a low iron content. It is often referred to as "Chinese white" in France.

This particular item is a small lidded bowl in excellent condition, made of high-quality white porcelain that retains the aroma of tea. It would be a wonderful choice for daily tea usage.

w10 x d10 x h7cm
Ming Dynasty/1368-1644CE and Qing Dynasty/1616-1911CE

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Ceramics_China | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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