Pair of Serpentine Magatama, Kofun Period (250-581 CE)

In ancient Japan, magatama, or comma-shaped beads, were a type of ancient accessory during the Kofun period. They have a disc or crescent shape with a hole in the center. These shapes were believed to possess sacred power and were highly regarded as spiritual symbols. Magatama were primarily used as necklaces and ornaments, worn as symbols of status and social standing by nobles and elites.

This item is a large pair of magatama made from serpentine stone. Serpentine stone is a soft and easily workable material, favored as a material for magatama and decorative items in ancient Japan. The pair together represents the concept of yin and yang. The condition is also excellent.
w6.5 x d4 x h2 cm (per piece)
Kofun period/250-581CE
Art_Japanese art | Ancient | 3rd-12th centuries

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