Ogata Kenzan-zukuri Iron painting blue glazed snowflake design Hanging vase Edo/1603-1867CE

Ogata Kenzan-zukuri, white glass clay, gosu, and tetsu-e are combined to create a free-flowing painting with floral patterns. I made it snowflakes. Please enjoy arranging seasonal flowers. Comes with a shared box.

Kenzan Ogata
Kanbun 3rd year (1663) - June 2nd, 1743 (July 22nd, 1743) Edo period potter and painter.
His older brother, who is six years older than him, is Korin Ogata.
In 1689, he established Shusei-do Hall in the south of Ninna-ji Temple and devoted himself to meditation and learning. Ninsei Nonomura lived in front of the gate of Ninna-ji Temple, and learned pottery from Ninsei.
The style is characterized by a free-spirited painting and a rustic taste in the midst of sophistication, and there are many works jointly created by the brothers, in which Kenzan made the vessel and Korin painted it.
It is characterized by its elegant painting, designed in the style of the Rimpa school.

w3.5 x d3.5 x h28.5cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 16th-19th Century

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