Old kiln ash glaze water note


It is a water note of the straight waist type of the old kiln. It is a rare condition that maintains a perfect shape without rejoining.

The structure of the mouth that rises double, the shaping of the body, and the fingerprints on the neck and body are very similar to the Furuseto Mizuchu. In addition, the handle also consistently has the characteristics seen in Furuseto. A strong earthenware odor will rise when water is applied.

However, to call it Furuseto, the neck is long and the ash glaze is different. By the way, is it from China? I searched for a lot of similar examples, but at the moment I can't find it and it is an exhibition that remains unknown.

The rustic taste of the earth that has been around for a long time and the rich nuances of the ash glaze invite wild flowers.
Please enjoy the daily flowers and the tea ceremony after preparing the bamboo remover.

w13 x d10.5 x h20 cm

1 piece in stock.

Antique Japanese Ceramics | undefined

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