Hajiki Small Jar Zangatsu no Bi Kofun/250-581CE

Hajiki is a general term for reddish-brown unglazed earthenware made from the Kofun period to the Heian period.
Vessels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and include those for stockpiling water and grains, those for cooking food, and those for ritual offerings.

This product is a wide-mouthed pot type, unglazed Hajiki crucible earthenware called Izumi style in the Kanto region. It was used for festivals.

It is an appearance that invites flowers with an irresistible lingering feeling. How about putting a small cup in it and using it as a flower vase?

w9 x d9 x h6 cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 3rd-12th Century

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