Yayoi pottery brush pattern crucible pottery Yayoi/300BCE–250CE

Yayoi pottery comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including those for storing water and grains, those for cooking food, and those for ritual offerings. This product is a pot-shaped pottery with a wide mouth and tight shoulders. Round bottom. It can be inferred that it was probably made for the preservation of rice seeds.

The surface of the vessel is covered with fine vertical brush marks and is worth seeing. This brush mark uses a piece of board like a kamaboko board, and the surface of the pottery that has finished shaping.
It is a technique to adjust the shape by stroking. Comes with a knitting seat for standing upright.
The condition is perfect, and the baked product is relatively hard, so it is a recommended condition.

It looks like a flower. To use it as a vase, put a dropper on it.

w14 x d14 x h14 cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | before the 3rd Century

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