Sue ware cup lid Kofun/250-581CE

The cup is one of the few vessel shapes that survived from the appearance of Sue ware until its end.
It is also a daily tableware that has a purpose like a tea bowl in modern times, and it is a universal shape that continues from ancient earthenware to the present day.
For this reason, I believe that it is a vessel that can be used as a standard for observing the variations in lifestyles and the styles of pottery from time to time.

For example, the pottery excavated from a family of about 5 people who were engaged in farming in the 6th century includes 1 Sue ware cup body, 3 lids, 5 earthenware cups, 6 large and small earthenware pots, earthenware, and 1 vessel. , There is a survey report that it was Sueki Teibin 2. While this may be considered the average tableware of the time, the cup is a clue to how people lived at the time. Archeology is interesting.

Thin, hard-baked gray skin.

Being universal over time. To be beautiful even to frays and threads.
I think it's a matter of how deeply useful it is.

Since it retains water, you can also enjoy it as a basin filled with water.
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w11 x d11 x h4.5cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 3rd-12th Century

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