Antique Seto Iron Glaze Twin-handle Hanging Flower Vase, Edo Period (1603-1867 CE)

During the Edo period, there was a custom of staining teeth black using a substance called "ohaguro." The small jar used to hold the liquid for this purpose is called an "ohagurotsubo." While Echizen is well-known for producing them, this particular item is an ohagurotsubo from ancient Seto. It features a fitting for hanging flowers and is a perfect small jar for wildflowers. It has been cherished and used in tea rooms. Please enjoy using it as a flower vase in your daily life. There are no leaks.
w13 x d13 x h12.5cm
Edo period/1603-1867CE

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Ceramics_Japan | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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