Set of 5 Antique Hirado Butterfly Design Mukozuke Dishes, Edo Period (1603-1867 CE)

Hirado ware, which has been used by clans since ancient times, is characterized by delicate and elegant sometsuke (underglaze blue) designs and intricate openwork carvings. It has produced numerous high-quality items as offerings and gifts. This item features a delicate chrysanthemum-shaped bowl with an exquisite butterfly and flower design. It is a premium piece with minimal mixing of white porcelain. The condition is excellent, and there are five matching pieces. It would be perfect as a utensil for kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal).
w13.5 x d13.5 x h5.5 cm (approximately per customer)
Edo period/1603-1867CE

1 piece in stock.

Ceramics_Japan | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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