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This is a Mino-carved stamped Sue ware. In Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture (formerly Mino Province), there is a group of ancient kiln sites designated as a national historic site. This kiln site group is the largest production area of Sue ware. From one of the kiln sites, Rodo No. 1 kiln, numerous Sue wares with the inscription "Mino" or "Mino-kuni" have been unearthed. These stamped Sue wares closely resemble those found at the Fujiwara Palace in the Asuka period, suggesting that they were made in the early Nara period.

This particular piece is a large bowl-shaped Sue ware with the inscription "Mino" on the side. It is in excellent condition and can be considered museum-quality.
w24 x d24 x h10 cm
Nara period/710-794CE
Ceramics_Japan | Ancient | 3rd-12th centuries

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