Saruage Mitsusune Jar, Incomplete, Heian Period (794-1185CE)

The Sanage Kiln is an ancient kiln that began in the late Kofun period with the production of sueki ware and disappeared around the end of the Kamakura period. As a central kiln in the Tokai region, it has left behind a huge amount of pottery, and there has never been a region that has continued to smoke on such a long and large scale in any region.
This product is a three-striped jar with two belts on the bottom, and is thought to have been used to store sutra cylinders. The surface is smoothed with a spatula, and the outside of the opening is chamfered. It is covered with an ash glaze that uses the ash of plants, and the finish is wonderful.
It is a dish that makes you want to prepare a bamboo cylinder and use it as a flower vase at a tea ceremony.
w25 x d25 x h33 cm
Heian Period/794-1185CE

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Ceramics_Japan | Ancient | 3rd-12th centuries

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