Old Shigaraki Yakuen Muromachi period/1336-1573CE

It is difficult to judge because there are no similar examples, but judging from the clay and the way it was baked, it is judged to be old Shigaraki from the Muromachi to early Edo period. It can be said that it is an extremely rare pharmaceutical research. A drug research vehicle is included. The wood is often withered and worm-eaten, but it is solid. The wooden part and the drug wheel are designed to insert and fix wooden fragments. Yakukensha is dismantled and packed. We recommend that you use it as a cooking utensil at a tea party or at a Japanese restaurant over the counter. Also for flowers.
w33.5 x d35 x h9 cm (Yagen body), w17 x d17 x h35 cm (Yagen car)
Muromachi period/1336-1573CE and Edo period/1603-1867CE

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Ceramics_Japan | Modern|19th-20th century

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