Ko-Seto Ash Glaze Four Ear Jar Kamakura/1185-1333CE


Kamakura period Furuseto ash glaze four-eared jar that retains the genealogy of the old kiln.
The ash glaze that flows beautifully on the neat body, the four ears that are still in good condition, and the pot shape that protrudes from a small hill like a plum vase make the work tight.
Although it has been carefully repaired by Yotsugi, it does not detract from its charm.
This is a work that represents the old seto bottle of the mid-Kamakura period. With wooden box.

We are dropping it off.
You can also enjoy it as a flower vase.

w23 x d23 x h30 cm

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Antique Japanese Ceramics | 12th-16th Century

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