Korean Antique Buncheongsaware iron painting flower design vase Joseon Dynasty/1392-1897CE


“Gyeryongsan” is a Korean pencheong sandalware that has been prized among tea masters since the Momoyama period. A type of porcelain made mainly in the early 15th century of the Joseon dynasty, it is made by applying fine-textured white clay glaze to porcelain clay with a high iron content, then applying a transparent glaze and firing.

With a handle of 13.5 cm in height and 9.5 cm in width, it is easy to use, and the penetration and fraying around the mouth are familiar, giving it a good old-fashioned look. No water leakage.

w9.5 x d9.5 x h13.5 cm
Joseon Dynasty/1392-1897CE

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Antique Korean Ceramics | 16th-19th Century

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