Korean Antique White Porcelain Full Moon Jar Dalhanari

White porcelain jars called lantern jars or full moon jars are masterpieces from the middle of the Joseon Dynasty. During the Joseon Dynasty, Confucian thought was strong, and even in crafts, the pure beauty of white porcelain with minimal decoration was perceived as the most appropriate.

Dalhanari means moon pot, and it was named because it is round and big like the full moon. The soft and relaxed curves and the solid torso that hugs the full moon combine power and tranquility. Many of these shapes were made in the 17th century.

This item is in good condition and is in almost undamaged complete form. While there are many large ones, this product is 40 cm in height, which is small enough to fit in a tea room. A custom wooden box is included.

w40 x d40 x h40 cm
Antique Korean Ceramics | undefined

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