BOTTLE Buncheong ware with flower design / Joseon Dynasty 1392-1897 CE / Korean Antique

Powder blue celadon ware is a type of porcelain made in Korea during the first half of the Joseon dynasty, mainly in the 15th century. It was made by applying a fine white slip over iron-rich clay, then covering it with a transparent glaze and firing it. It was mainly used for daily utensils such as bowls and bottles.

Joseon ceramics were known for their unique designs that reflected the culture and environment of the Korean peninsula, and powder blue celadon ware is no exception. The vessel's shape and decoration are typically simple, with delicate and elegant beauty.

The combination of the glazed and unglazed areas produces a unique texture and shading. This particular piece features a boldly applied white slip, with floral patterns expressed through incision and iron decoration. Technically, this is a form of inlaid line work. This technique is extremely rare in powder blue celadon ware, and there are no known examples elsewhere. A wooden box is included.
w17 x d17 x h29 cm

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陶磁器_韓国 | 近世|16-19世紀

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