KUNDIKA BOTTLE Celadon with incised flower / 12th C / Korean Antique

A "Jōhin" is a vase used to hold pure and clean water. According to the ancient Buddhist scripture "Lotus Sutra," it was originally one of the 18 tools that Buddhist monks were required to possess, but later came to be used as a vessel for offering clean water to the Buddha. During Korea's Goryeo period, it was also commonly used as a water storage container.

The vase is adorned with delicate floral patterns engraved with fine lines on its front and back. Among other Goryeo celadon Jōhin, this piece boasts exceptional glaze colors. Its form is graceful and its condition is superb, worthy of being displayed in a museum. A wooden box is included.
w17 x d13.5 x h28cm
Goryeo Dynasty/918-1392CE

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Ceramics_Korea | Ancient | 3rd-12th centuries

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