British antique distorted glass bottle 16th-19th century


19th century British distorted antique glass bottle. Each glass bottle from the 19th century has a different shape, and is filled with the charm of old glass with bubbles and various entanglements.

I was also an avid collector of glass bottles of this kind for a period of time, but my interest gradually shifted to glass bottles excavated from rivers and underground, and this work is one of the works I collected during that time.

The letters are embossed on the surface, and the bottle as a whole is distorted. The surface of the glass changes to a faint iridescence and you can see the initial silvering. There is no water leakage, so we recommend it as a flower container for windows and tea ceremonies.

w6 x d3.5 x h16.5cm

1 piece in stock.

Antique Other Glass Products | 16th-19th Century

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