Dutch Antique Bottle Bottle 19th-20th century


18th-19th century Dutch crushed glass bottle.

It was acquired when I was enthusiastically collecting excavated glass bottles for a period of time. At first, I was fascinated by 19th-century living glass crafts, but one day I realized that things that had been discarded underground and weathered over the years had turned into something that deviated from their original purpose. I was.

From then on, I started collecting, with an emphasis on squashed, distorted, things like that. Such things are extremely rare, and this product is a glass bottle that I encountered in the process. I feel something that cannot be ignored in the fact that it was originally an error bottle, and the matière that has become cloudy and slightly silvered. How about as an object?

w7.3 x d3.2 x h15.5 cm

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Antique Other Glass Products | Modern|19th-20th century

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