Antique Iron Ladle by Blacksmith, Lot 1, 16th-19th century

This is a 17th-century antique iron ladle from India. It is meticulously crafted from a high-purity iron rod, a process that requires an incredible amount of effort even by modern craft standards. When we create something, it is natural for us to envision the overall design or goal. However, when observing Indian craftsmanship, each piece appears unique and individual, as if the artisans focused solely on the task at hand without considering the bigger picture. It's like a craft that embodies the present moment. This realization made me appreciate the depth of Indian craftsmanship.

While this ladle is traditionally used for sautéing spices and other ingredients, it can also be displayed as a beautiful flower container when hung on a wall. It is a rare and exquisite 17th-century iron ladle.
w10 x d9 x h37cm

1 piece in stock.

Goods_Metal | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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