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It is a bowl of old karamono lacquerware. Rantai lacquerware is a type of traditional lacquerware that was once popular in Guangdong Province. Rantai refers to a lightweight and durable vessel made by weaving bamboo or wood knots. Lacquer is applied to the surface of the rantai, and carvings and decorations are applied. Guangdong is a production area of ​​bamboo, and its unique weaving technique is a characteristic of Rantai lacquerware. Lacquerware comes in a variety of shapes, such as tea utensils, vases, boxes, and folding fans. The daisen is lightweight and easy to carry, so it seems to be useful as a tea utensil for tea ceremonies and tea ceremonies, such as storing tea leaves, storing tea utensils and taking them out to the open air. Since it is old, it has some damage, but I think it can still be used.
Qing Dynasty/1616-1911CE
Goods_Tree | Early modern period|16th-19th century

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