Shinxiang Rabbit Design Pewter Confectionery Cabinet, Taisho Era (1912-1926CE)

This is a Taisho-era confectionery chest. It features a tinwork motif of a stylized rabbit on the front. The stylized rabbit, known as "mukou-usagi," is a motif that depicts a rabbit from the front in a deformed manner. The combination of the mukou-usagi motif with the confectionery chest showcases a fantastic sense of design, making it irresistible to those who appreciate it. It would be perfect as a confectionery chest for tea ceremonies.
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Although there are some minor paint chips, with proper care, it can be preserved as a lifetime treasure for its next owner.
w14 x d14 x h17 cm
Taisho period/1912-1926CE
Goods_Tree | Modern|19th-20th century

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