German Antique Stone Wear Salt Glaze Compura soy sauce bottle 16th-19th century


Comprador means "broker" in Portuguese. During the Edo period, merchants in Nagasaki formed an association called Konpurasha and started exporting Japanese products via the East India Company (VOC). Among them, there was a soy sauce bottle called Kompurabin or Ranbin.

This item was purchased in the Netherlands. I have hardly seen similar examples, and according to an antique dealer, it is a sake bottle made of German salt-glazed stoneware and distributed mainly in Europe. Innovative pour spout is carved, and letters that are not suitable for copper are carved with the words “special import of the highest quality Japanese soy sauce”.

I can't help but think of how German potters at the time carved Chinese characters by imitating what they saw. Recommended for collection. Of course, I think it's an interesting work even if you're drunk.

w9 x d9 x h14cm

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Antique Western Ceramics | 16th-19th Century

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