Hajiki jar Nara/710-794CE

Hajiki is a general term for reddish-brown unglazed pottery made from the Kofun period to the Heian period.
There are various sizes and types of vessels, and there are those for stockpiling water and grains, those for cooking food, and those for ritual offerings. There is a burn mark on the bottom of this item, and it must have been used for some kind of cooking.

Part of the rotten and cracked torso is missing. This creates a sense of tension throughout the instrument. The wound is old and already old-fashioned. The wildflowers will look great if you place the drop inside the bowl.

The last photo shows a photo with a straw rug. Please refer to

w17 x d17 x h16 cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 3rd-12th Century

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