Ko-mino Torn Tenmoku Tea Bowl Kofun/250-581CE

Furu-Seto products are made for the Kamakura Gozan, the Shogunate, and the samurai class, which were established through the introduction of Song-style Zen.

This product has an old-fashioned form in which the edge stands straight. The bottom part is carved out and is said to be an inward-curved hill, a shape that appeared when the center of production moved from Seto to Mino in the 16th century. The bottom is left exposed.

The glaze is a dark brown Furuseto glaze. It is a "break" that exploded during firing, showing the violent power of fire.

I assume it to be a tea boat and post a photograph combined with other tea utensils. Please refer to In addition, even if it is a flower vase, it has an appearance that invites wild flowers.

w16 x d13 x h7cm
Antique Japanese Ceramics | 3rd-12th Century

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