German antique salt glaze small pot and metal keyboard 16th-19th century


A small salt-glazed jar (18th century) unearthed in Germany and a metal keyboard (probably copper) unearthed in the Netherlands are combined to make a tea container.
It would be nice to put Japanese paper on the inside of the keyboard.

I don't think you can imagine it very much in Japan, but there are actually quite a few people in Europe who take excavation as a hobby.

I've also had the opportunity to accompany them on several occasions. In their spare time, they pack metal detectors into their cars and go out to medieval fields and river banks to excavate.

From ancient Roman glass, soft pottery such as Delft, to recent metal fragments, many of the items in circulation were excavated and released. Seeing the old things lying dormant in the ground appearing in front of my eyes has changed the way I look at things. I feel the beauty in the essence of things, which eventually return to the soil.

[“Small Jar w6 x d6 x h7 cm”
”Keyboard w4.3 x d4.5 x h1 cm”]

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Antique Western Ceramics | 16th-19th Century

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